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Construction/ Off-Road Equipment

Off-Road and construction equipment are always being exposed to dust, water and other elements that wreak havoc on pins, pivots and bearings. Our lube systems replenish the supply of grease multiple times throughout a piece of equipment's work day. This ensures that the harmful elements do not have a chance to enter the bearings.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are constantly carrying heavy loads and are constantly exposed to harsh conditions such as dust and water. These elements can cause major damage to all of the suspension components and body pins. Our systems will replenish the grease multiple times during a truck's shift to keep the elements out.

Emergency and Rescue Vehicles

Lives are at stake when there are component failures to emergency and rescue vehicles. Our products will systematically re-lubricate grease joints and bearings frequently and efficiently. Increased component life can literally save lives.

Street Sweepers

We can design systems to address the multitude of grease points seen on a street sweeper. We are able to increase the life of the main broom bearings 100's of times over by applying grease more frequently than manual lubrication would provide.

Welcome to JA Lube Central

Centralized Lubrication Systems

Each Centralized Lubrication system is designed specifically for your application. Using common parts, the system is customized for your specific vehicle ensuring that all lubrication points are covered. Systems are available in both 12 and 24 volt and for various lubricants.

An electronic control unit installs in the cab of the vehicle to provide monitoring through an LED display and controls both lubricating time and pause time. A manual override pushbutton allows the operator to override the timing and lubricate the system. This is especially important in dusty environments or when a short term change in scheduling is required.


When the control unit calls for lubrication an electrical gear pump charges post lubrication distributors with lubricant. The self contained pump unit comes complete with mounting brackets and an optical level indicator and can be installed to allow easy filling.

Each lubrication point is provided its own spring loaded post lubrication distributor. These distributors keep the grease under up to 350 pounds of pressure until the surface to be lubricated is unloaded by normal travel. When unloaded the distributor injects a metered amount of grease into the bearing. This lubrication process is much more efficient than manual lubrication while the vehicle is stationary.